Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good Old Forums...

Seeing that I'm still having the same trouble that I had during my last post, I decided to post it on VLC's forum page and see what actually happens. These open source forums are generally pretty good, so I figured it'd be a good idea. I checked it with an MPEG1 file also, and it's still doing essentially the same thing. I think the linux firewall needs to be tweaked, so I may be asking for some help on that one from a friend of mine.

Stay tuned...AND KEEP PRAYING!!!

Chuck, MI

Thursday, March 13, 2008

SOME Progress...

Well, that was fruitful...

After setting the port forwarding and whatnot, I started VLC up with at nice little test clip (in the case, I used "The Trail of Fr. Kino"), and it was actually coming through to my other internet circuit and I could see action on the terminal window of the Linux box. On the Windows box, VLC even started up with 9:06 on the clip duration time.

It just didn't play.

It's frustrating in some ways, but I have to admit: We're further along than we were yesterday. This is good news in some ways. Now, I'll just have to get into the forums and figure out why...

Stay tuned! We'll get this up and going yet!

Chuck, MI

Monday, March 10, 2008

Port Forwarding Finished

While still not at 100% health with the cold that I had after my flu subsided at the beginning of February, I finally got a chance to get down here and get the port forwarding done on the main VoD server. In other words, what I did should allow people to access the video files up there. Now, we'll just have to see if it works.

I'll write something more with Catholic content one of these days! I promise! I'll have to write about the little recon we did down in downtown Indy where there's an old Catholic Church that's basically been sitting abandoned since 1949. I wish we could get in and save it, but I think it's about to be turned into some apartments. Never know, though; the guy who owns it is planning on selling a bunch of the items inside, so perhaps my local Una Voce chapter will be able to pick some up and restore them. We may have to buy a few of them for MDTV too.

More later...

Chuck, MI