Monday, June 9, 2008

OK...So that's a good sign...

OK. I have my wife's FluxBuntu laptop hooked into the same local network which is running my Darwin Streaming Server, and currently, I can actually stream the test clips from the server to the laptop, which again is within the network. This is a positive thing. This means that Darwin is, in fact, working.

However, I can't seem to stream anything I've actually transcoded myself, nor can I stream to my other internet circuit.

While I think streaming outside the network is a port forwarding issue that I need to look at deeper tomorrow, I'm still not sure why I can't stream anything that I've encoded with MediaCoder. What I've done was sent myself a couple of the sample files so I can pull them down and open them up with MediaCoder to see what the settings are, then I can use those settings to transcode my clips.

I'm not thrilled with reverse engineering, but whatever works, right?

Either way, another victory tonight. I'm happy that the DSS is at least talking with another computer inside the network.

"I said WOO! HOO!" - Homer Simpson

Stay Tuned!

Chuck, MI

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