Saturday, January 12, 2008

100th Post!

Too bad it's going to be technical... :)

I sat down here the other day and got the other internet circuit hooked up, but I had to go through another router. I'm beginning to think that's my caveat. What's happening now is that I can actually use VLC's web interface and actually set up VLC for VoD. It's taking successfully taking my MPEG-4 files to which the videos are encoded, and it looks like everything is behaving the way it's supposed to, except for ONE detail...

I can't get it to stream to my Windows box on a different internet circuit.

In a word, grumble.

I think I'll post the question to the VLC forum tomorrow. I'm kind tired, and not extremely happy that I wound up missing the Una Voce meeting in my neck of the woods today. Not that it could be avoided today, but it happened.

More later...

Chuck, MI

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