Wednesday, November 14, 2007

OK...Next Question...

As I wait for the crack team of experts at Red Hat to help me work on my Samba problem, the next question remains in my head: Now that I know I can encode MPEG-TS files from MPEG-2 files, can I do it with MPEG-4? The reason why I wonder this is simple: Bandwidth. MPEG-4 files are much smaller and less likely to clog up bandwidth for a high number of users.

Looks like I've got my next MDTV project.

In any case, I'm sorry there's little to no Catholic content on this blog right now. That will eventually change. At this point, though, this blog is helping me keep track of the whole troubleshooting record so I can refer back to whatever I may need in the future. The other plus side is that I'm transferring a large number of films right now, and I've discovered some nuances that are making them look better, so I'm getting better in that realm too.

More later...

Chuck, MI

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