Saturday, November 24, 2007

Right size...

...wrong container. I think. What I was trying to do was put an MPEG-TS container around an H.264 file. MediaCoder didn't seem to like that too much. I think when I'm done with capturing footage for tonight, I may just go ahead and try again, but this time with a simple MPEG-4 container on it. The size was good, though; a 30 minute program that's normally about 2GB in size was only 209 MB. Perfect.

Oh, and I found some more footage from that friend for whom we're transferring films, this time a parish's 50th Anniversary Celebration complete with 4th Degree Knights of Columbus and everything. And they're going to allow us to use them for MDTV too! It's so cool to have some good stock footage of various things Catholic.

Now, what to do with them...

Chuck, MI

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