Monday, December 17, 2007

Newest Acquisition: The Vatican of Pius XII

Thank God for eBay.

Yeah, it's got it's problems, but without it, Mater Dei Television likely wouldn't exist. I've found so many good films on there over the last three and a half years that it's unreal. Sometimes I'll hit a dry spell and what not, and not find any films on there at all. Last weekend, my problem was quite the opposite; I found about six that I thought would have been fantastic to add to the Mater Dei Television collection.

Unfortunately, due to limited personal funds (and that I'm not even going to attempt to ask for donations until we organize Mater Dei Television as a 501(c) 3), we were only able to walk away with one of them.

The film that we obtained tonight is called "The Vatican of Pius XII". I've seen this film advertised on another site for about the same as I paid for it on eBay, but I figured this was the time to pick it up. It looks like it's a silent film, but I'm going to offer it for free as a VoD when it gets transferred. It runs about 20 minutes long, so about the same as "Journey of Faith" does.

I do already have the Castle Films collection of Pope Pius XII, but that will eventually get released to DVD. The idea is to use it as a fundraiser to buy more films. That'll be a nice volume, too, since I've also got a silent film about Pope Pius XI as well. We have roughly eleven films total that I'd like to release to DVD for this purpose, though, and if I pick up one more ("The Byzantine Empire" from Enyclopedia Britannica Films to be exact), then we can have three DVDs that would be perfect for homeschoolers and people in general who may want to learn a little about our faith (or at the very least help out MDTV).

More later...

Chuck, MI

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