Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Technical Update, an Announcement, and an Observation

First, the technical update. Fedora Core 8 has been dumped in favor of Ubuntu 7.10. Believe it or not, my version of Fedora Core became unstable, so I was going to have to trash it anyway. Couple that with the fact that it wasn't seeing any of my Windows boxes on my network when it was working, and that it seemed to spend an awful lot of time downloading updates, it was for the better. A friend of mine on the Yahoo Mother of God group recommended Ubuntu to me months ago, but it seems that I couldn't get it working at the time. Probably a the PC that I was using. Well, it works now, and is nice and stable.

Second, my friend Colleen Hammond will be in Indy speaking at Holy Rosary on March 12 as part of their Lenten mission. I'm hoping we can meet for lunch, possibly tape something that day too. We've not worked together in a couple of years now, and I'm hoping we can make good on a video we've needed to re-shoot two years ago.

Third, you ever notice that anytime you absolutely need something, you can't find it, but after you go out and buy another one, you find about twelve of what you were looking for? I was looking for a simple cable splitter this evening. I know for a fact I've got at least three or four of them, but they were nowhere to be found tonight. If I were to go and buy one, though, I guarantee that I'll find them.

In any case, hope to have the linux box hooked up to it's own line this weekend and we can do some actual testing.

More later...

Chuck, MI

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