Sunday, December 2, 2007

Update: Technical and Non-Technical

First, the technical update...

I transferred the program files that I transcoded last week over to the linux box and started playing around with VLC. They have a very nice little page that talks about setting up VLC for a VOD system. I couldn't quite get it to work as it was; I may need a dedicated line to do streaming (which is OK since I just happen to have one). The other question is this: Can I get more than one file to stream out? These are my tasks for the following week: To see if I can stream more than one file in a VOD configuration, and to hook up the other line to actually do the streaming.

Now, the non-technical update...

Una Voce now has a chapter in Carmel, IN, which is good since this is where I live. This is good news, but I've been kept in the loop since Summorum Pontificum was released. They now have a website, though. Go check it out.

More later....

Chuck, MI

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