Thursday, December 27, 2007

Programs Encoded and Uploaded

The following programs have been encoded and uploaded to the VOD server thus far:

Frontiersmen of the Faith - 1951 - approx 25 minutes
Journey of Faith - 1950 - approx 20 minutes
Rome: The Sacred City - 1962 - approx 12 minutes
The Catholic Hour - Rome Eternal Pt. III - 1958 - approx 30 minutes

...and I have one ready for H.264 encoding:

Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary - The Resurrection - 1957 - approx 23 minutes

This has proven to be lengthy thus far, but so far well worth it. I did my color correction on Premiere after using Kino to transcode from DV files to AVI, then I used Ulead VideoStudio for titling. I'd very much like to take VideoStudio out of the equation at some point soon and hopefully use Kino for the bulk of the production engineering on these films. There's really no point in using something high level like Cinelerra for that, although I still want to play with that too as far as editing goes.

In fact, there's a good chance that Mater Dei Television will only have maybe one or two Windows machines and maybe one or two Macs and have the rest of everything all Linux, from file servers to desktop machines. Linux really does seem to be the most reliable OS out there right now, and you certainly can't beat the price. Not only that, but being able to get more out of older machines will also help save money that would be better used on either buying more films or hiring people to help with future productions. I have updated the page to include banner/button links to various open source and Linux projects. I honestly believe that this is the way things need to go, and will throw my support behind them 100%.

More later...

Chuck, MI

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