Thursday, April 12, 2007


It's been kind of busy this last week, so I apologize for any lack of updates. I played a little with VLC and Windows Media Player this evening. The caveat with VLC is that since my source files are all MPEG2, it automatically wants to do an MPEG-TS file, which, ironically, is something that I want to do in the not-too-distant-future, just not now. Since it seems that trying to encode an entire playlist is something neither program does in a friendly manner, I decided to try to encode an hour of programming with VideoStudio (in WMV format, of course), and take that to stream out. This is just to see what it can do.

What would be nice is to take the MPEG-TS (transport stream) and use that as a basis for other encoding. Ideally, there would be one PC that just encodes an MPEG-TS file that sends it over to a Windows Media Encoder and an MPEG4 encoder (taking care of the Mac folks, too!), and still have enough to eventually send to a DVB encoder and an IPTV system as well.

So it's good to know that VLC will do that; it's just a little earlier than I had anticipated. I don't have the resources to do all that encoding now, so it's best to concentrate on Windows Media for the time being, since it's the lowest common denominator.

More to come...

Chuck, MI

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