Sunday, April 15, 2007

Motivation Folder

Awhile ago, I created a folder for emails that I received through my email lists and whatnot called "TV Apostolate Motivation." Every now and then, someone emails me something that's happening close by them that boarders on heresy and it infuriates me. These days, I have zero tolerance for heresy. Don't call something Catholic when it is patently obvious that it isn't.

Most of these emails come from a friend of mine in western Colorado who's on my KnightsImmaculata discussion group. She normally goes into detail about the liturgical and theological problems that routinely go on out there. It was actually her emails that started this folder. Sometimes, when I get overwhelmed with how much work I have to go through to get Mater Dei Television working, I go back to these emails and remind myself why I need to push on. You see, my friend out there has no Tridentine Indult Mass nor an Eastern Rite Divine Liturgy to attend; she's stuck with what's passing for Mass out there these days. She's an Air Maria viewer, so she's got some sort of oasis, but I've sent her a preview DVD once of Mater Dei Television films and stuff on there, before Air Maria took to the 'Net. It does remind me, though, that she's not the only one who experiences this stuff, and Air Maria, EWTN, Familyland TV, and others can't do it alone.

The latest entry came from a friend of mine out Pennsylvania. Apparently, her daughter's class was being shown the blatantly anti-Catholic A&E special "Christianity: The First Thousand Years." Among other things, it denies the perpetual virginity of Our Lady, the primacy of Peter, and promotes the idea that St. Ignatius of Antioch put the end to women "priests."

In other words, it's all bunk.

It frustrates the hell out of me when ANY secular source presents itself as an authority on religion, and it infuriates me that people eat this crap up like it was Gospel! It's a stark reminder that while there are some good DVDs out there, there's not enough good Catholic material out there. EWTN can't do it all. It's also a call for me to carry on and get this network online and DVDs in places where people can get them easily (and inexpensively). I've got the films ready for my first DVD release; I just now need to author the DVD and put it online. However, the stream has to go on the air first! That way, they can watch the stream, and then buy the DVDs so I can finance buying more films and actually producing new programs.

I'm going to end post now. I have to get another film ready, whether it's for air or DVD release. I'll pick one and go with it.

"Through the fire and the flames, we carry on!" - Dragonforce

Chuck, MI

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