Thursday, April 26, 2007

More Technical Stuff...

As I stated in my previous post, I'm now looking for an MPEG2 decoder card. This could have been part of my problem when I was looking originally; my previous search had me looking for a capture card. In laymen's terms, the decoder card has outputs, while the capture card has inputs. This was big. Believe it or not, I'm actually looking for an MPEG2 decoder card that will allow me to output analog. That way, it'll allow me to use the professional quality video distribution amplifier rack that my old boss at WLFI-TV gave me back in about 1995 before I left to come to Indy.

So that leaves me with another P4 grade motherboard (or two), PII Xeon upgrades for my new (old?) quad-processor server, and an MPEG2 decoder to pick up. And one more capture card. That way, I'll have one computer that outputs MPEG2 video, two that accept it, encode it, and stream it out.

I kind of wish that this either would have been done already or could wait, because there's two films on eBay that would be an asset to the Mater Dei Television collection. One of them is an hour long program from about 1960 on Blessed John XXIII, and the other is a short about Pope Pius XI. I think both would be fantastic to obtain. I'll pray about it and see where the Lord is leading me.

Chuck, MI

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