Saturday, June 23, 2007

Technical and Production Notes

Since my last update, I've been playing some with Slackware Linux, largely because of it's ability to be configured and it's ability to run multi-processor servers. Yes, I know Windows has been doing that since NT, but this is reasonably current, and of course, free. I also moved the server down into my office last night so I can commence work on on it.

I also pickup my satellite dish today. Please pray that all goes well in the move.

I also have decided that, due to gas prices and whatnot, I really need to start finding out the cool things about our faith that are already close to me, and I've found some good ones. St. Francis Xavier in Vincennes, IN is one (I wish there was a better picture in this link). Back in the day, before the Diocese (and eventually Archdiocese) of Indianapolis was HQed in Indianapolis, it was actually the Diocese of Vincennes. Now, all that territory has since been ceded to ArchIndy and the Diocese of Evansville (and probably quite a few other dioceses, for that matter). This particular parish is of note because it actually is the first parish in the entire state of Indiana, predating every current diocese within the state. Indiana used to be part of the Dioceses of Quebec, Baltimore, and Bardstown, KY before the Diocese of Vincennes was erected with Bishop Simon Brute as the first ordinary. His cause for sainthood is currently being investigated by ArchIndy. In any case, there's an interesting museum that's attached to St. Francis Xavier and it really looks like a good source of footage.

There are other things, too; Society for the Preservation of Roman Catholic Heritage in Dayton, OH and the Chapel in the Meadow down at Camp Atterbury in Edinburgh, IN, just to name a couple, but the point is that I should be getting as much footage from around me as I can first, then exhausting that, move on as I can. There are a few Indult parishes to which to travel not far away either, and I can guarantee that shooting footage around them will happen soon. I don't rule out trips to Cincinnati, Covington, KY, or Lexington either. There are plenty of places to get footage for good Traditional Catholic programs within a day's drive from here, and I'm going to make sure I hit each one.

Until then, though, I get to get this server up. Pray that all goes well.

Chuck, MI

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