Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Caught Up

I took today off to catch up on some projects that were getting to be long overdue; none of which were related to MDTV per se. Mainly client film and video transfers. Nevertheless, I checked my former MPEG player/current encoder, and it is seeing the capture card. That's always a good sign. In any case, it looks like until I get another working computer, I'm going to be encoding the Cyberhome DVD player I took out of service in favor of my Panasonic from the parish rummage sale. $1000 brand new in 2000; part of a $5 bag in a bag sale in a parish rummage sale in 2007. Sounds great. Looks great. No remote. Not quite as friendly to all formats like the Cyberhome is. I tell clients with expensive DVD players that I have an easier time playing DVDs on a $40 Cyberhome than I do on a much more expensive name brand. And the Cyberhome can be Region-Free too. And it plays NTSC and PAL. Not bad for forty bucks.

In any case, that's going to be my temporary video source. I so wanted this up this week. I'm now looking at this weekend. It WILL be done by July 16.

Chuck, MI

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