Sunday, July 29, 2007


I apologize for there being this long without an update. The feed is going again, and I'm working on the next batch of films to air. The one going right now on the editor is "Journey of Faith", which chronicles Francis Cardinal Spellman leading a pilgrimage of Catholics from the Archdiocese of New York to Rome for the Holy Year of 1950. Spellman gives a short message in the beginning, and then off to sea. It's in color, too.

There will probably be another episode of "The Catholic Hour", this time it's "Rome Eternal - Pt. III". For the record, no, I don't have the other three parts of this series yet. If anybody has them (or any other Catholic Hour film reels), please get in touch with me. The other film will be a short called "The Trail of Fr. Kino", and it tells the story of a Jesuit priest who helped settle the American Southwest. They mention him briefly in the episode of "The Catholic Hour" which is playing right now. Still, his story is important, especially as you see just how much Catholics have contributed to the founding and exploring of America (but who generally don't get credit for it due to anti-Catholic sentiment).

More later...stay tuned!

Chuck, MI

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