Friday, July 6, 2007

Getting Closer

I might be making just one more hardware change with my setup. I'm going to try to use an old Dell Dimension L400c (my very first editor and my first PC in the post-486 era) to play back the MPEG-2 files now. I say this for a few reasons...

  • The NEC server that I have is going to need a lot more work than I first anticipated. Not an unreasonable amount of work, but enough that, should I want to use it for Mater Dei Television, it'll push things back even further, which is no longer an option.
  • The CenDyne/Real Magic MPEG-2 decoder card will do a few very good things, not the least of which play back a movie full screen through the video out to a TV, which is what I wanted to do all along, and still allow me to manipulate the playlist on the VGA monitor. It also is older technology and was made to run on a slower machine, thus the old Dell. It's not XP compatible, but I don't mind using an old Windows 2000 license hanging around here somewhere.
  • It beats buying a new computer right now when I can't afford it and time is of the essence.

I can turn the Dell Precision 420, what was to be the MPEG-2 player, into a Windows Media Encoder of some sort, and probably not have to even reinstall Windows. That way, I'd have everything set and ready to go.

It figures there'd be some last minute thing to deal with. Especially with the motu proprio hours away.

More later, and start praying...

Chuck, MI

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