Friday, March 16, 2007


I just figured out how to use iMovie HD just enough so I can do what I need it to do. Here's the main problem...

Macs have a 4GB file limit, except, of course on DV files. PCs can handle larger files than 4GB, except, of course for DV files from a Mac. They see them only as 2GB. In English, this means the film clip cuts off at exactly 9:57, regardless whether or not it's finished. What I need to do is take the DV files and cut them into smaller files so I can save them to my firewire drive, take them back to my PC at home, and put them back together. At first, I encoded them with Cinepak, but that didn't look very good. This way, I lose zero quality and it makes life better.

"Our Lady's Shrine" just finished. Starting on Pope Pius XI next.

Chuck, MI

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