Sunday, March 25, 2007

While I Was Out...

Taking a break once in awhile can be a good thing. Frustrated with the technical woes of my ever-problematic streaming video server, I decided to transfer a film. I had to do a Super 8 for a client anyway, so the film chain was already set up. The film in question is a silent Super 8 film of Pope Paul VI visiting Australia in 1970. Regardless of what your opinion of Pope Paul VI is, it's actually an interesting film. There are some good shots of him arriving, saying Mass (yes, a Novus Ordo, but it didn't look like many of the Novus Ordos I've ever seen), ordaining a bishop, and talking to a bunch of Australian dignitaries who were in office 37 years ago. There are some good shots of St. Mary's in Sydney, also.

The idea with this one is to put it into the programming right before Juventutem 2008. It'd be great to actually present Cardinal Pell with a copy of this film on DVD. Never know; it may lead to him letting us into the Archdiocese of Sydney's film vault (if there is one). I've also got some 16mm films from the late 1920s of the dedication of St. Mary's in Sydney along with the Eucharistic Congress that happened shortly thereafter. Three reels worth, actually. Those came from an eBayer in Canada who transferred a preview copy of all three movies. I think I'll have them redone. Still, from what I saw, I did alright. Add another 30 minutes of programming to Mater Dei Television's programming library when those get transferred.

Oh well...back to work...

Chuck, MI

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