Sunday, March 18, 2007

To XP or not to XP?

It's now officially safe to assume that my copy of XP is dead. I'll need to pick up a copy tomorrow. Going linux would be one more idea, but for now, I'd like to go XP. Also, I'm planning on reformatting my 120 GB harddrive and pulling the 30GB harddrive out of my firewire enclosure. That way, I can have enough to run XP and the Windows Media Encoder, along with storing some programs on there, and I can use the larger drive in the enclosure. What seems like I've successfully done is to recreate the old Dell tower I just took out of service on my laptop. I'll have just as much harddrive space on the laptop with this large drive in my firewire enclosure. This will be good because I can use it as a portable editor.

Especially after today. I got MotoDV from someone on my freecycle list today. Didn't know exactly what was in it, other than it'll allow me to do 16x9 video on an older edition of Adobe Premiere, which was also included in the software package. I'd say I did alright. The nice thing is that, while this copy of Premiere is older, at least there'll be some consistancy between my portable editor and my main editor, which runs Premiere Pro 1.5.

See, if I get a portable editor going like this, it'd be perfect to take on the road, shoot during the day, edit at night, and then FTP back home so I can stick it in the playlist for the following day. If I can raise the funds to go to Juventutem 2008, it'd be the same day; since Australia is 16 hours ahead of Indiana, I'd be able to get stuff edited and inserted into the playlist the same day. That would rock.

First things first, though. Get the steaming video server up first, then the program feed, then the DVDs out on CustomFlix for sale. Hopefully by then, we can also be a non-profit and accept donations.

Please pray for this to fly.

Chuck, MI

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