Friday, March 23, 2007

Took a break today...

I took a break on this today. I think this was much needed with everything else that's going on right now. I'll have more time during the weekend to devote to figuring out just which OS I'm going to wind up using, installing it, and starting my testing for the Peercast. My goal, is to have it up by April (at the rate I'm going, exactly WHICH April seems to still be a point of contention). I guess we'll see, won't we?

There are some good films I really want to show everyone; some of which were long thought forgotten by most Catholics. Someone from an independent chapel in Indianapolis called me for doing some film transfer for him (no surprise - we advertise on Catholic Radio Indy from time to time), and I told him about what I was trying to do. In my excitement about my plans for Mater Dei Television, I made the remark "Yeah, there should be something for everyone."

Something for everyone? Brilliant move, Chuck! Start alienating viewers BEFORE you go online!

I probably need to clarify these remarks. The majority of these films are pre-conciliar. Whether you reject Vatican II or completely embrace it, what I'm planning on airing is something that any Catholic can find beneficial. I think there are many "Spirit of Vatican II" Catholics who just assume the Church didn't exist at all before 1962. Much to their chagrin, it not only existed, but thrived. To block out anything that happened before Vatican II has "rigid, old fashioned, and pre-conciliar" is flat out stupid. While the tide is turning and you're seeing a lot of the younger, more orthodox bishops granting the Indult for the Traditional Latin Mass, there are still bishops out there who think that it's still 1966 (or in some places, even worse, 1986!). Needless to say, while it's changing for the better in some places, it's not changed at all in others and as a result, there are going to be entire dioceses of people who think the Church is all social justice and no Tradition (and sadly, no orthodoxy, either).

So, I guess in a way, "Something for everyone" is probably a good description after all. It's just that the people who need Mater Dei Television the most don't know they need it yet.

Chuck, MI

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